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We're Nuevas Sendas (New Paths) Adventure Travel. In partnership with ValueVacation LLC, we operate the Inn at Chicoana and adventure tours in the spectacular Andean Northwest of Argentina.

About Martín

Martín Pekarek
Program Director / Expedition Guide

Martín (pronounced Mar-teen) was born and raised in rural northwest Argentina and received his formal education in Europe at the University of Vienna. His life long love of nature led to Masters of Arts Degrees in Art and Anthropology with a special focus on ancient healing arts and medicines.

After several years of working as the Art Director for the European Edition of Diner's Club magazine, Martín was able to return to his homeland to realize his dream of sharing his passion for his land and people with visitors. He began Nuevas Sendas (New Paths) Adventure Travel to inspire the conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Salta region.

Martin holds a profound interest in the history, culture, archeology and preservation of the Diaguita world.  Through his educational & academic background,  connection with scholars and artisans of Salta, hundreds of trips into the backcountry of the Calchiques Valleys, Martin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on rituals, sites and artifacts from this understudied culture.

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