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About The Andean Northwest of Argentina

The map to the right shows the Northwestern region of Argentina. It's largest city, Salta, is on the upper right. A red dot marks the small town of Chicoana, where our Inn is located. Chicoana lies just east of the Andes in the lush valley, Valle de Calchaquis.

About The Andean Northwest
From LonelyPlanet Worldguide:

"Home to abundant natural attractions and atmospheric relics from the pre-Columbian and colonial past, this is the more 'traditional' part of Argentina. It includes the provinces of Jujuy (numerous wildlife reserves), Salta (with the best preserved colonial city in the country, hundreds of archaeological sites, and colonial buildings) and Tucumán, La Rioja, Catamarca and Santiago del Estero."

Where Chicoana got its name

Some of the first inhabitants of the area were the members of the Chicoana tribe, who lent their name to the town. These were followed by many others, including the Diaguita Indians, who were here to meet the Spanish conquerors on this soil.

In Chicoana's currently standing plaza and church, Argentine independence was fought for.

Here the past is ever present, mingling with the modern, as hand-forged iron railings and colonial-style lanterns adorn adobe buildings with red-tiled roofs.



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